What You Need To Know Before Moving To Denmark

What do you need to know before going to Denmark? Whether you are moving there for good or simply going for a short trip, you must have a lot of questions in your mind. From the clothes you need to bring with you to the food you should expect to eat, knowing all these will make sure that you survive your trip to Denmark no matter how long it will be. Here are the top questions and the answers to them about life and living in Denmark:

What clothes should I prepare?

Layers are your best option when it comes to dealing with Denmark weather. Their conditions can be confusing. One minute you are freezing then a few minutes after the weather will be scorching hot. Give yourself enough sweaters to survive. You will need to include what Danish people call “rain clothes” too. The Danish summer is surprisingly cold and rainy. Remember to pack in a lot of sweaters. They will be perfect for any weather condition in Denmark.

How can I make friends in Denmark?

Perhaps it is one of the best things about going to Denmark. You don’t have to worry about language barrier because more than half of the entire population speak English very well. Though it is a relatively small country, the people in Denmark are very open to welcoming tourists in their place. They may seem reserved in the beginning, but they can be very friendly and accommodating once they get to know you.

What should I buy to give to the people I love back home?

If you are only taking a short trip to Denmark for vacation, you must not forget to bring home housewares. Yes, you read it right. Your mother will surely love a Royal Copenhagen tea set and you’re going to get it for her for half the price. There are many beautiful home textiles made in Denmark. It only shows how much Danish value home and family.


Now, what other questions do you have in mind?

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