What You Need To Know Before Travelling To Denmark

Denmark, they say, is an expensive country. We say travelling can indeed be very expensive. But money is nothing when you are collecting memories right at the palm of your hand. Before you get all too discouraged about traveling to Denmark, here are a few facts about the trip that will it all worth it:

  • You can buy yourself a cup of coffee in a restaurant by the famous sights in Denmark for only $5. The thought of being able to call your family and talk to them for a couple of minutes will be good enough to fuel your trip and this will only cost you $5.
  • Getting a hotel room just when you arrived in Denmark is going to cost you a few hundred dollars. Every dollar would be worth the design and culture packaged in every room. However, if you want to save a little money, it would be best to book your hotel weeks before the trip.
  • Denmark hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments do not take credit card. It would be best to pack your debit card and put a lot of money into it to keep your shopping spree hassle free.
  • You want to go to Denmark to get a taste of what Noma has to offer. Who wouldn’t want that if that is the best restaurant in the world? And yet the queque is beyond imaginable. Don’t fret because you can dine in the other restaurants serving the best dishes like those in Noma.
  • Hotdogs are the kind of the streets of Denmark. They have what the locals call the sausage wagon and that is the kind of sausage sandwich that you want to have. Apart from the meat, it also comes with a good serving of veggies, so even if you eat two or three of it, you are confident that it’s perfectly healthy.

Now you are ready to take off and enjoy Denmark. 

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