Why Cyclists Help Improve Business

Denmark’s bicycle lifestyle has, for many years, provided numerous benefits not only to its citizens and environment but even to businesses.  Many people may not be aware of this but yes, cyclists do contribute to the growth of business notably in city centers.

Copenhagen is just one example of a Danish city which has benefitted greatly from cyclists. With the opening of Stroget, known as the longest pedestrian street in the world, only walking pedestrians and those riding bicycles have been allowed in the area.

As such, the concept in this shopping destination became popular among both local residents and visitors and even contributed to an increase in sales. The construction of additional bike infrastructure near the area in the past 40 years contributed further to the growth of businesses there.

Studies have shown that although motorists, whether they’re driving cars or other types of vehicles, are able to improve commercial enterprises and are able to bring more goods, their impact is not all positive. Firstly, the construction of large parking areas doesn’t do much good to the environment in urban centers. Secondly, cars release harmful chemicals to the environment which add to the air pollution.

Cyclists, on the other hand, are considered better shoppers. A study conducted in Münster, Germany showed that people who ride bikes in going to shops to buy their needs do their shopping more regularly compared to those who drive their own vehicles.  Since these cyclists can’t bring much items with them on their bikes, they visit shops more at least  11 times in a month while motorists in Münster shop only seven times per month.

Other studies done in Berlin, Strasbourg and Bern in Switzerland also showed a positive effect in business when people use their bicycles rather than their cars. In Berlin, people considered themselves more mobile when using their bikes or public transport.

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