WiFi Helps in CPH Airport Passenger Flow


Airports of international cities around the world are always busy with passengers arriving from and departing for their respective destinations. The Copenhagen International Airport is no exception. 

Fortunately, a new program is now in place in Copenhagen that utilizes the wifi devices being carried by passengers. SITA, an aviation communications and technology company, is at the forefront of implementing this modern program that tracks the movements of travelers based on their wifi emitting devices. 

With this tracking program, airport officials will know in real time what travelers are doing and where they are going. Colored dots are used to distinguish the arriving from the departing passengers. The information gathered can then be used to improve the airport design and direct the flow of passengers. 

Travelers passing through Denmark, particularly its capital city, can download the Copenhagen Airport iPhone application. The app will enable them to receive information on their wifi devices with regards to where they can find the shortest security line or which stores offer special deals. 

SITA officials clarified that only the devices are being monitored hence, no private information from the travelers are being tracked down by the program. The only information they can gather is whether the traveler is an inbound or outbound passenger. They added that some 100,000 people had already downloaded the iPhone app for the Copenhagen Airport. 

Currently, about 20 percent of travelers passing through the Danish capital’s airport have devices that emit wifi signals. The number is predicted to move up as more people get their own smartphones. 

Experts consider the airport as a busy center, even busier and with a greater number of people compared to the malls. In 2009 alone, the Airports Council International revealed that some 2.5 billion people passed through airports around the world. Travelers also normally spend a few dollars before they head off to their destinations. 


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