Wind Power Jobs Continue To Grow


One of the industries that has really seen no slowdown even as the world economies has struggled is Wind Power Jobs. According to a report that has been release jobs in this industry will more than double in the European Union to around 330,000. When other industries are seeing layoffs, this one just keeps moving forward with no real end in site. By the year 2020 as part of the European Union’s bloc plan to fight climate change, almost 12 percent of the electricity used will be wind driven.  Not only does it help lessen the dependence on other forms of energy it also helps provide a stimulus for economies in the region as well.


Roughly, 59 percent of the wind energy sector is involved in the turbine and component manufacturing aspect of it. The other sector comprises the installation, maintenance, project development and research end of it. Germany, Spain, and Denmark were the countries where this technology first seen the roots of this get started. Many companies are willing to put dollars into this sector, as the risk is usually much lower than with other forms of energy. In today’s Global economies crisis it looks like wind power jobs will continue to grow for some time to come. Until the World can shake the economic downturn were in more people are looking towards alternative investments and wind power is one of those that seem to be getting a lot of attention lately and that will be the case for awhile.

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