Youth-oriented Films Showcased in Buster Filmfest

If you think film festivals are only for adult movies, you need to know that there’s actually an international film festival targeted at children and the youth. You read it right. It’s a children’s film festival called Buster and it takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For this year, the Buster Film Festival will run from September 9 to 19 with thousands of people from all over the world expected to attend. It will showcase documentaries, features and animation films from the Nordic region as well as from other parts of the world. Since the festival’s establishment, some 800 entries have already been submitted with 154 films screened, 35 shorts screened, 119 features screened and 60 national and international premieres held. 

Highlighting the festival other than the usual film screenings are enriching activities such as workshops and competitions. The workshops are meant to teach children the art of film making while the various competitions will have children as the judges. The international children jury will select the best film, best Buster, best child actor/actress, best film for youth, best short film and best documentary. Each category will have a cash prize ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 Euro.

It was in the spring of 1999 when the Buster Foundation was established. It had the strong support of the Centre for Children and Youth Film at the Danish Film Institute. Today, Fusun Eriksen is the main organizer and festival director of the event. The Buster Film Festival is covered by the Copenhagen Film Festivals. 

This specific Danish event focuses on films not made by children but films created for the young people. It serves as a good venue for international filmmakers to find out the trend in Denmark and discover new concepts in producing films with children as the target audience. This international festival provides a golden opportunity for adults as well to experience films they would not be able to see in other places.  

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