Zealand’s Museum is Tops

A museum is a valuable institution in any country. It is here where local residents and foreign visitors get to learn about a city or country’s history and cultural heritage. Traveling to a new place and not visiting its museum would not make your tour complete.

In Denmark, there are several museums worth visiting. Most of them are located in North Zealand and one of them is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Zealand actually boasts of seven out of the 10 great museums in Denmark as confirmed by a recent survey. Of the top 10 museums in the country, only three are not situated in Zealand.

While figures from the latest survey of Statistics Denmark showed a decrease in the number of people visiting the museums in 2008, the fact remains that Zealand is home to many of Denmark’s best museums. The national figure for museum visitors went down by 0.5 percent from 2007. On the positive side, though, 10.6 million people still visited different museums around Denmark.

Topping the museum rankings is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark’s most modern museum. It was recognized as the country’s favorite museum for having a high number of visitors in 2008 at 558,500. The increase in visitors was nearly a fifth of the previous figures. This particular museum showcases paintings of modern art, sculptures and videos that date back from World War II. It is also included in the book of Patricia Schultz entitled “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.”

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