5 Most Expensive Spots in Denmark

Not all travelers are well off but sometimes, it’s still worth learning about some of the most expensive in popular tourist destinations such as Denmark. For instance, many people who have been to Copenhagen say that Denmark’s capital is an expensive city and Denmark itself is an expensive vacation spot. 

A study by Eurostat revealed that Denmark is on top of the list of 10 most expensive countries in the European Union. The finding was based on the prices of some 2,500 consumer goods and services. According to the survey, food and non-alcoholic drinks in Denmark as well as some of its hotels, restaurants and cars for rent are the most expensive in the country.

Find out then some of the places in Denmark which command a high price. Who knows with extra budget, you just might be attracted to visit it one of these days.

Noma Restaurant – This world class restaurant in Copenhagen ranked third best in the world by Restaurant magazine in 2009 is proud to have a Michelin star. It is popular for reinventing Nordic cuisine rather than just offering traditional Nordic food. Paying a high price for dining here is well worth it because the food prepared by Chef Redzeppi is exceptional and service is friendly.

Restaurant Herman
– This is another Michelin star restaurant located in the Nimb Hotel. A five-course meal for dinner costs 775 kroner and wine pairings cost another 775 kroner.

Hotel 71 Nyhavn
– If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel, this is recommended. An executive double room costs 2,050 kroner per day. Service is friendly and the concierge service excellent. Situated by an 18th century quayside, guests here can enjoy fantastic views of water.

Copenhagen Concert Hall
– Described as one of the most gorgeous buildings by an architecture critic of The New York Times, attending a concert here costs 669 kroner inclusive of an orchestra seat, a pre concert snack and a glass of wine.

Legoland in Billund – Many travelers say the park located in Jutland is quite expensive considering the few attractions available there. Entrance fee for adults is 185 kroner for peak seasons.

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