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Today’s Danish cuisine is still inspired by the old icountry kitchen and the cold and wet weather conditions in Denmark. For example, take the salted-smoked and brine-pickled food that could be stored for very long time. The pearls of Danish cuisine are smoked herring from the island of Bornholm also known as gold from the sea, pickled herring enjoyed with Akvavit (Danish snaps) and the Danish cheeses are musts in the Nordic cuisine.

Even though the Danish national food is a fish, it is not the most consumed kind of meat in Danish cuisine. Surprisingly the Danes love pork and with 60 kg per person a year they are the most pork eating nation in the world. There has been a huge variety of delicious pork dishes usually served with potatoes, vegetable and heavy brown sauce.

Two favorite Danish everyday dishes are the “Stegt flæsk” – fried slices of juicy pork with potatoes and parsley sauce – and the Frikadelle usually served with brown sauce and preserved sour vegetable.

The other specialty of the Danish cuisine is “smørrebrød”, translated to “open faced sandwich,” which is served in many Danish restaurants. It is made of rye bread covered with different ingredients as cuts, pieces of meat, fish, various paste, salads, dressings and cheeses. This beautifully decorated sandwiches reminding art have nice visual appear. Some restaurants even offer “Store kolde bord” – “The grand cold table” where the guests can decorate their own “smørrebrød”.

The Danes have also sweet tooth and have a huge variety of sweets and tasty desserts.  Of course the world famous Danish pastries are from there! The fact that Danes eat around 10 kilos of this sweet pastry a year indicates that they really love it.

So do you already feel like going on a tasting spree? Then you should know about Copenhagen Cooking event that starts this weekend and is good opportunity to try some of the delicious dishes of Danish cuisine. As many restaurants offer the meals now with discounts this could be a nice part of your trip to this European destination. Bon appetite- Velbekomme!

Thanks to Flickr user ilmungo for making the pictures of the smørrebrød (used on the frontpage) available under a Creative Commons license.

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