Cows Go on Holiday in Saltholm Island

Danish cowCows are man’s best friend when it comes to making farm work easier. They’re the most helpful farm animal and being the workaholics that they are, they too need a break. In Denmark, cows there take their yearly vacation in a beautiful island called Saltholm.

This island situated near the Copenhagen Airport is where Denmark’s cows relax from the months of May to September every year. Did you know that up to 800 lucky cows get this golden vacation opportunity each year to this small island of Saltholm? It is here where they can just be themselves for several months and munch on as many grasses as they can.

Since the 1500s, Salthom has been popular as a grazing pasture. With continuous financial aid from the European Union, it has been well maintained as a holiday destination for the cows. And while there, these cows actually help trim the grass of the areas where rare birds native to the island frequently visit.

So what’s so special about these cows that they get to vacation in Saltholm? Their good behavior earned them this rare opportunity. It used to be the horses that were sent to this island during the summer to graze the land. However, they just weren’t fit for the journey unlike the cows.

Thanks to this cow vacation, many farmers in Denmark are rejoicing. For farmers who don’t have enough grass to feed their cows, letting them go to this Saltholm Island is a big blessing. The calves can even join their mothers during the vacation. No need to worry as the cows are well taken care of while there. For two weeks in May, the farm animals are transported there and those who get sick are returned home right away. In September, another two weeks is spent to bring them back to their rightful owners.

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