Denmark Bids Farewell to Trollbeads World Tour

The TrollBeads World Tour has finally visited its place of origin — Denmark. The tour will officially end on Saturday, July 28 and a farewell event will take place at the Beladagio Home & Garden Gift Gallery.

For the upcoming send-off celebration, guests will be treated to Danish food and music and some unique Trollbeads specials. Those interested to own some beautiful beaded jewelry such as the 52-bead set from 13 countries, you still have a change to get them at great prices.

For those of you who are not familiar, the troll bracelet originated in Denmark. Troldekugler as it is known in Denmark was founded in 1976. It was named troll beads owing to the fact that their appearance resembles that of the troll faces. The very first troll beads were known as silver charms with holes in the center that can be strung together with a leather string. It was in the 1980s when the chain and lock were introduced while the glass beads came out in 2001. 

The so-called troll jewelry is made of metal although the first ones were made of woven strands of wire. These bracelets are flexible and feature a circular cross section. The troll beads are usually attached to the end of the bracelet. 

Troll beads are round in shape and look like polo mints or rubber rings. Some are made from glass with a lining the hole while the others are considered metal charms.

Today, these beautiful beads are created with various attractive designs in a rainbow of colors. They are made into bracelets, rings and necklaces. The 2012 Spring Collection featured the green and cream armadillos and the Gekko silver bead courtesy of designer Lars Sogaard who encouraged wearers to create stories for their beaded jewelry.

These trollbeads have been touring the world (13 countries) since the past year and a half.  It has visited Hong Kong, Australia and other European countries. 

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