Italian Violinist Makes a Name at Cop15

Amidst the recent COP15 Climate Conference organized by the United Nations in Copenhagen, there was one musician that made an important contribution behind the scenes. The name is Davide Rossi, an Italian violinist who now resides in the Danish capital. Rossi used to be responsible for the string arrangements of bands Coldplay and Goldfrapp. And for his remarkable works, many artists and producers sought his partnership.

For those who are not aware, Davide Rossi is also the man who composed theme music for the COP15 Climate Conference’s introductory film entitled “Please Help the World.” The film commissioned by the Foreign Ministry was shown at the opening of the U.N. summit. For that particular assignment, Rossi blended the performance of the Danish National Girls’ Choir into the song eventually coming out with a dramatic musical score for the film. And for the theme music of the COP15 film, this composer and arranger played 74 individual string tracks. 

This 39-year-old Italian violinist made big a name in the music industry after making his arrangements on two of Coldplay’s songs “Viva La Vida” and “All His Friends.” In fact, the Viva La Vida single and album won Grammy Awards and for that, Davide Rossi is very grateful as he definitely became well known afterwards.

A world-class violinist, Rossi records numerous tracks and combining them to create his own unique sounds. He actually owns different violins, some with extra strings and alternative tunings. And an additional trivia – this talented musician also plays the cello.

Unaware to many, Davide Rossi used to be involved in the classical music scene. He trained under guitarist Robert Fripp of the King Crimson group. During the four years that he was into classical music, the violinist admitted experiencing boredom but then again, he was thankful to Fripp for serving as his inspiration to move on from classical to popular music.

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