Leverpostej as the National Spread of Denmark

We have seen many things that have been acclaimed as national symbols. Some think of national sports, national food, and national drinks. However, it can be rare that there is a country that has a national spread being used in breads and other treats. Denmark has taken “Leverpostej” or Liver Paste as the official spread of the country, which is great for enhancing the taste of Smørrebrød, together with other meats, vegetables, and garnishing. The title has been given to liver paste due to the enthusiasm of almost every Dane eating or using this spread for about four kilos per person, every year, which amounts to about 18 to 20 million tons of Leverpostej in the while country.

Though the ingredients may be as simple as chopped liver, chopped onions, and lard being mixed together, it has created a taste that goes complementary with most pålæg that consists of vegetables, raw egg yolk, other meats, and creams. With the craze on Leverpostej being unstoppable, other variants of this liver paste treat has been produced. Some have a hint of bacon, while others have a chicken essence. Though Leverpostej is made commercially, others prefer to create it the hard but tasty way. With the help of meat grinders, blenders, and recipes from the internet, people can make their own liver pâté according to their preference, which is much more satisfying, especially if the Smørrebrød is made personally. Almost every Dane had experienced the taste of this particular Danish liver paste, both young and old, making this spread recognized all over the nation.

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