New Winter Festival to Launch in Copenhagen

Music festivals and other great events in the capital of Denmark are aplenty all year round. Most of them, though, take place during the summer months when tourists are taking their holidays. As such, there’s normally less tourists in Copenhagen when the winter season comes. But this will no longer be the case once the new festival is launched in February.

Entitled WonderCOOL, this event aims to attract more tourists to the Danish capital and create a vibrant atmosphere during the cold months. This is being organized by Wonderful Copenhagen together with the groups behind the Copenhagen Jazz, Rock, FROST, Fashion and Cooking festivals as well as the Danish Design Centre. The organizers are eager to help businesses in the city as the new year starts the reason for this new and unique festival that will not only highlight music but fashion, design and gastronomy as well.

For the first time ever, Copenhagen’s popular festivals will be blended together in a single month to give tourists a reason to be active, warm and gay even during the winter season. So the summer Cooking Festival will now have a winter edition while the Jazz Festival, Fashion Festival and the Danish Design Center event will also have their own versions. Other events being planned are a joint activity to be participated in by 50 of the city’s restaurants and another one that will combine fashion and food.

During the month of February, Copenhagen experiences its coldest days with freezing temperatures.  It’s also the driest month with only about an inch of precipitation. This means the days can be foggy and mornings and nights can be humid. And just so you know, there are an average of 20 days in February when Copenhagen has freezing temperatures and 18 days with fog.

Hopefully with the launch of the WonderCOOL Festival, things will be a little different and people will be encouraged to get out of their homes and keep themselves warm through the music, food and fashion events thorough out the Danish capitol.

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