Odense Zoo’s Attractions

If you think Denmark has only the Copenhagen Zoo to offer its animal loving visitors, you have to think again. There’s actually another zoo in the country specifically in the city of Odense.

The Odense Zoo situated on Sondre Boulevard is Denmark’s second biggest zoo. It lies on a 4-hectare area near the Odense River which features a savannah and marsh areas similar to a nature reserve in Africa.  There are also trails and wooden bridges for visitors wanting to explore the zoo.

For many years now, it has become a popular family attraction. Unlike the other zoos, this one is open the whole year round so visiting it is not a problem.

This modern zoo in Odense is estimated to be two kilometers from the city center and is accessible by bus and boat. Animals that can be found there include chimps, giraffes, lions, ostriches, storks, large African birds, tigers, zebras and numerous other exotic creatures. There are also the common dwarf mongooses in there, those social animals known in ancient Egypt for being fearless.

There’s a specific area called Siberia where birch and pine trees abound. In this place is where the Siberian tigers are kept captive.

One of the main attractions inside the Odense Zoo is its Oceanium. Here you will take an exciting trip to little South America complete with a river and rain forests and exotic animals such as the tapirs, myriad birds, apes and capybaras. From land, visitors will proceed with a tour underwater first in the freshwater and then to the coral reef where colorful fish species live. The last part of the trip will take you to the coldest part of the world where visitors will see a giant squid, killer whale and flocks of penguins.

Now that you know about Odense Zoo’s great features, be sure to bring your family there next time.

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