Seven Cool Cafes in Copenhagen

Cafes are a staple in most international cities these days. These are places that offer comfort, great food and drinks to visitors who’d like to relax and entertain themselves whatever time of day. Some of these are indoors while some are also outdoors. In Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen, visitors are presented with numerous choices.

Café Sommersko is Copenhagen’s first establishment that’s not only a bar but a café and restaurant as well. This is where you can enjoy your favorite coffee drink while reading a newspaper and relaxing. Light snacks are also served.

Royal Copenhagen is a classy café situated at the second level of the porcelain shop with the same name. Buffet is served and features cakes and pastries. Delicacies and drinks here are served the royal way using very special tablecloth and of course Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

Den Okologiske Polsemand is the place to go for authentic Danish hotdogs. Owned by Claus Christensen, you can order your hotdogs here complete with your own choice of organic dressings at only 34 kroner each.

Hard Rock Café is not to miss out. But Copenhagen’s own is child friendly as it offers a special menu for the kids. Exciting activities are also organized for the young guests such as during Denmark’s Fastelavn or mardi gras.

Bang Og Jensen is perfect for young women looking for a comfortable place to while away the time. What makes this café unique is that customers are required to fill out a form as to how they would like their food served. At night, this place turns into a bar with mostly young folks as customers.

Benutzbar is a gay friendly place that offers a cozy atmosphere and affordable cocktails. This two-storey bar features some of the world’s talented disc jockeys especially on weekends.

Café Pavillonen is an outdoor location and open only during the summer from April to September. Situated in the center of Copenhagen’s largest green section, guests here can enjoy drinks under the stars or when the sun rises in the early morning as well as music and dancing.

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