Steampunk in Denmark

Imagine a world were technology in the age of industry is a reality. Where 1912 sees the dawn of the Internet, and electricity is shared with the Universe by the work of Nikola Tesla, electricity that is democratic and free of charge. Imagine a world where steam and gears hold both the promise of a better tomorrow, or even the unspeakable horrors of man-made destruction. It is a world of mechanical walkers that thunder on the plains and zeppelins that hum overhead, of explorations into the great beyond, and of adventure beyond your wildest imaginings. Welcome to the world of steampunk.


Steampunk, like Lolita, is a subculture that continues to thrive and prosper in many corners of the planet. It is a subculture that creates a very particular flavor of science fiction, one that elects to envision the present and the future with the technology of the past.  Like Lolita, it invites creativity and imagination, albeit with a much more structured narrative. Adventurers toting customized elephant guns can coexist with corseted aristocrats, and goggled aeronauts work side-by-side with masked men of mystery, trained in the arts of espionage. These are merely a taste of the characters and gear that steampunk enthusiasts can dream up.


In Denmark, the steampunk community is slowly becoming more and more visible. They now hold a presence to be reckoned with through their tight online communities. Facebook pages such as Steampunk Teaparty invite discussion and fun among its members in the comfort of their mother tongue. There are also Danish forums created as a space for Danish steampunks to mingle and share their knowledge. Meet-ups are also created at opportune times, and are open and inviting not just to Danish steampunks, but also to any Scandinavian with a heart for gears and steam. The Dragonfly Society in Copenhagen is a nightclub dedicated to the spirit of steampunk, vintage love, burlesque and cabaret. Many skilled artisans also hold quite a presence on Etsy, selling their steampunk accessories and jewelry with a definite Danish touch to their craftsmanship.

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