Tips for Camping in Denmark

Camping in DenmarkIf an adventure trip is what you’re interested in experiencing in a great country such as Denmark, why not go camping with your family and friends. This Nordic country has nearly 850 nature camp sites and 498 accredited camp sites with some of them situated near the beach.

What also makes camping in Denmark an exciting adventure to try and very ideal for budget travelers is its affordability. If you go for this holiday option, you don’t have to spend so much for your hotel accommodation. At most camp sites, a person can only spend from $10 per night compared to the hundreds of Dollars charged at hotels. 

Additionally, people can choose the location they like – whether it’s beside the sea, inland or somewhere near a town. Accommodation is not a problem as well as there are various choices – nature camps, mobile homes or campervans and camping cabins. Depending on the preference of travelers, the cabins for rent range from the unfurnished to the fully furnished ones with modern amenities.

Camp sites in Denmark are classified by the Danish Camping Board based on a star rating system. A five-star camp site means it is of top quality with complete facilities such as a swimming pool, playgrounds, common TV room, cafeteria and many enriching activities to offer.

A camping pass is required therefore obtaining a camping card is a must for adventure seekers who wish to stay at approved camp sites. This can be bought at local tourist offices, at the camp site or from the Dansk Camping Union. A card bearing the name Scandinavia can be used in all European countries.

Finally, always follow the regulations of the camp sites especially with regards to keeping peace within the area. Being outdoors is fun and there are lots of activities to engage in which both kids and adults will surely enjoy so go ahead and stay at camp sites for a change of environment.

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